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Wow!!!!! Gorgeous pup!!! She looks like she's going to be a big girl in a couple of years! She's got a lot of GSD I'd guess but the rest is pure speculation without sending in DNA for testing which is fairly inexpensive. Feed her three times per day until she is a bit older or until she seems to lose interest in "lunch". Feed a VERY high-quality food which almost always is sadly NOT what your vet will recommend or carry. Feed that uses USDA ingredients is the safest & best. Read a couple of books on the GSD & on raising pups - they can be purchased for a couple of bucks online. Take her to puppy obedience classes where you can bond with her, learn how to train her AND it socializes her which is imperative!!! Raising a pup takes a lot of time & is a big commitment, but in the future, you'll wind up with a great companion & devoted friend.
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