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Hello everyone!
My name is Mark Keating and I was turned on to this board by Woody Taylor who has been coming out for training. I've been lurking around the last couple of nites and the board seems cool and HEALTHY! If you know what I mean.

I've been training dogs for almost 10 years, 7 years professionally. I now live and train at Red Star Kennel where we board, train, and breed Presa Canario. We train OB, agility(not akc unfortunately), and various avenues protection work.

I also train French Ring with a handful of people here in the twin city metro area.
Our website is

Its great to be aboard!!!
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Welcome, Mark! How many dogs do you have? All Presas?
Hey Mark, I hear good things about your kennel, welcome aboard! So how long till Woody's girl has her Brevet? :D :D :D :D :D
Welcome mark! We have a Presa breeder in our club and she has nothing but good things to say about Red Star.
Welcome Mark,
Great to see a pro like yourself become a member. As a newbie myself, I
look forward to picking your brain!!! :wink:

BTW, those Presas and GSDs on your site look awesome!
Thanks guys,
We have(if I can count right) 8 Presas, 1 GSD, 2 Malinois(one currently being a mama in Chicago) most recently a Dutch named Lyceon who I changed to Lyca but will probably change back being Mike has a Dutch with the same name.
And just to clear one thing up...
Woody mentioned in a earlier post that my comp dog(Lot) is Ring 1 or Ring 2 to which he is neither. Although he is trained for Ring 3 now, he will compete for his brevet at our trial at the end of the month.
My goal is to finish his 1 and get the first leg of his two by the middle of October. And finish him out by next year.

Again its a pleasure to be aboard
Mike Schoonbrood said:
Woody's girl has her Brevet? :D :D :D :D :D
Don't hold your breath. ;-) And hey wait, was that a shot? PP Punk. :lol:

Again, good to see you here, Mark. I just got a PM from our AWOL and grumpy old Mondio guy who's probably been off throwing rocks at passing school buses for the last few weeks and plugging keyholes on parked cars with airplane glue (or sniffing it, more likely)...we'll get him back in here so you two can some fun with the non-Ring folk.

This site loves pictures and video, so post away...

I'd encourage anyone interested in working Presas to go check out the pics and vids at Mark's site (follow his link)...neat program. Irina, the owner, competed with the Ukrainian National team in the 80s, among other things. I am excited to have them here!

See you this weekend, Mark.
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