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Hi Everyone, popping in here for my required introduction. :) I recognize many of you from other forums.

I live just NW of Houston and am currently in semi-training ( I say semi-training because I haven't been so devoted to training over the last few months.) with my GSD Jax. Jax obtained his PSA PDC in the Spring of this year and we hope to trial for our PSA 1 in the Spring of 2007 as well as possibly dabbling in Mondio Ring in the months to come. Jax is my first workingline dog who was originally acquired as a pet. Jax has loads of prey but unfortunately just enough nerve to skate by here and there so I'm currently in wait for a Malinois to take his spot on the training field.

Our house is a bit's the entire crew: 8)

Jax - resident 'wanna be' tough dog

Bernie - Resident girl with a bun in the oven. Currently carrying my future Mal pup, bred to Jexx :)
Ares van Boekhout Akker PSA1 x Kenya

Tito - resident obnoxious brat

Peewee - resident bulldog (need I say more? lol)
Owned by Darryl Richey

Jexx PSA1 - resident #%^&* :wink:
(father to be, owned by Darryl Richey)
Yonas van Joefarm x Rummy Marie Tapp v Joefarm

Gunner - resident snake/reptile hunter

Oscar - resident grump

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