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Hello from Oklahoma

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Hi all! My name is Becky and my husband Steve and I live in Oklahoma City. I was a veterinary technician for almost twenty years before degenerating discs in my back forced me to take a less physically demanding job.
I have trained in obedience for a long time and my husband trained in Schutzhund back in the early 80's. After we lost our last two Dobes this past winter, (one 13 and one 14), we decided to get back into GSDs. Our first girl, Lieke, is WG lines and a real whiz at tracking. Unfortunately, she doesn't have "it" for Schutzhund work.

I will continue to train her for obedience and tracking titles. She is one year old today!

Brago is mainly Czech. He is a Stormfront's Brawnson Great Grandson and a Blek Egidius Grandson.

Here are those two together:

Brago is not quite 8 months old. Super drive and just an awesome personality.

Our newest addition is Bronwyn vom Veilhauer:

She is about 75% DDR with a tiny bit of Czech and WG blood.

Those are the dogs we actually got ON PURPOSE! We also have a Weimaraner, an Affen, a Pom and a Malti-poo(?) that were rescues.

All in all, we are pretty much dog-ruled! Looking forward to participating in the forum!
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Welcome home :D :D :D
Welcome Becky! are what I would call a dog person!
He Becky, nice to see you here! :lol: Nice pictures, the little one look so cute.
Hi Elly! How are your Dobes doing?
Great!! Yordi is recovering from his surgery from bladder stones, Lindsey is a real oldie now, and the little one is to much alive!

Zabar is doing great, his bitework is excellent, Rob says he can compare with other breeds, and he likes to train with him as well, he knows the IPO1 program now, obedience is ok to, he is learning very easy and tracking, we started the corners in the track, and put the stuff in the track now.

How is your puppy? he look very nice. Your dog from 8 months he is ok too? Do you train with him as well?
Welcome, Becky! I went to high school in Choctaw and college down in Norman.

Great pictures, thanks for sharing!
Are you still in Oklahoma Woody?
Nah, I moved away in 1997 or so. Straight up I35 to Minnesota. I go there for business sometimes, but it's probably been a year or two since I was there last....
Minnesota?!?!? Brrrrr!!!!! Of course, you're probably happier in August up there! :D
You'd think...but it is miserable up here right now. Humid and hot, hot, hot. Still not close to that nonsense in August in OK, though...I remember those long weeks over 100 each thanks! And wind blowing like a furnace. But I enjoyed my time there, it's definitely my "home" more than anywhere else I lived.

And I like the snow. Although January and February up here can lay it on pretty thick, in several different ways....
They're all nice looking dogs but...... brago get's my vote :D :D
Brago is an awesome boy! We are just so happy with him. I guarantee he'll knock a few helpers off their feet one day! I also bet that slipping a sleeve with him on it will be a challenge. He has got the most crushing grip. owwww, don't I know it! His bark shakes windows right now and he's not quite 8 months old!

I remember those long weeks over 100 each day.

Ahhhh.... you must remember the legendary "Summer of 1980". Three months of 100+ temps with no rain. I still have a t-shirt declaring "I survived the summer of '80"!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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