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He grabbed my pants

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:lol: :lol: After our walk today, I played a little with Jak in the yard before I fed him and put him up for the night. We were playing tug, and I've been practicing teaching him to out when I stop moving. He was doing very well, but the next to last time I did it, he let go and then went for a 'cheap shot' and grabbed it again, but because of where I was holding it, he got my belt loop too! :eek: :lol: I was doing my best to stand still and not laugh, and he was tugging not only the tug, but ME! He did let go after a couple of tugs, but I'm glad hubby wasn't home with the camera! LOL
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My dog will sort of do this to if I'm not careful, which I am, because he will either rip my clothes or tear a hole in my skin (he shuts down in drive). Which sucks when I'm just beginning drive work in the park a couple of miles away and I have him all worked up. I usually end up having to continue drivework while one finger is bleeding. :oops:
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