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Havok's Brevet

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We've still got a lot of work to do before we are even close to being ready for the FRI. But he passed, even if it was a squeaker :) Gotta find that balance, we worked the recalls a little to much, hence the lack of guarding in the defense. But at the same time didn't work them enough, hence the two recall commands in the "face" LOL Gotta love the dogs, they keep it interesting.

Watch closely and see if you can spot me making a HUGE handler error, then very subtly trying to fix it. Either the judge didn't notice, or he felt bad for me, cause he didn't take any points LOL
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OK, I had no sound, but I was wondering about the heeling with leash portion, were you straightening his collar???? That might be a gig LOL

Or, when you were patting your vest???

If nobody saw it, then we should chalk it up to excellent handler help.

The first thing I thought of (before even watching the video) was that stupid "leash over the dogs back" rule...but I couldn't exactly see what you were doing. I love French Ring but I hate some of the silly rules!

Really good video, already had it saved to my favorites from the AWMA site:smile:
Amazing what you accomplished in so little time spent training Havoc for the Brevet. Thanks to your FR Instructional Video, I now know what is acceptable/correct and what is not/incorrect at least in the Brevet;) . BTW how's Mac doing?
LOL Actually I DROPPED my leash while I was heeling. Guess I was to relaxed, darn thing just fell right out of my hand. Luckily it fell across Havok's back and he's tall enough I was able to just reach down, grab it, and work my hand back up to the knot in the end. If Pepe saw, he never said a word. But I don't think he saw, he was off to my right when it happened :p

Mac is doing great. I was hoping to trial him at the same trial, but he tore a toenail completely off. Literally, there was just this tiny little stub coming out of the end of his toe. It's healing up now, I'm still careful since he can break it back open if he smacks it on something, but I worked him the other night for the first time in almost a month, and when we got done it was just barely bleeding.

Hopefully both boys, and Chaos, will be ready to trial in Utah in June.
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