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You're not alone, we're not sure what's up. Fearless leader will fix things when he returns, Fearless leader always fixes things (it is easier not to be the Alpha, just realized that! :wink: )

For now, if you...

1. are 2x or 3x posting, stop doing that. :lol: This includes me. You're getting edgy and re-submitting your post. Hit "submit," take many deep breaths (like for 5-6 minutes in my case), and view the forum with another browser window. See if your post "took" before you resubmit. If you time out, just go back a page in that original browser and need to retype.

2. are getting your posts eaten, God is telling you to edit more. :lol: I don't know what's going on here.

3. have not been in the table training forum for a few minutes, man, did somebody in there tear you a new one! We've just assumed you've gone into flight and have noted it on your tournament scorecard.

Totally kidding on #3. Or am I? :lol:

But bear with us. We'll get er figured out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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