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We are just starting our mini farm and recently got a Great Pyrenees puppy, 10 weeks old and from another farm with working parents. All we have at the moment is a small flock of chickens and two barn cats. We have done as much reading as we can, and from that our understanding is that if we want our dog to protect the barn and livestock, he needs to be there from day 1, not in our garage or by the house. He is currently in a large kennel in the barn with a smaller open crate inside that which he can go in to sleep; and we have been going out there every 2ish hours to let him out, get exercise, and do some obedience training, except for one longer stretch overnight. Anytime we are outside we let him out too. Our main concerns are:

A) should we worry about predators? We are in southern Indiana and coyotes, bobcats, and foxes are around. The kennel is chain link, taller than my 5’11” husband and has chicken wire secure over the top. We also have a tarp to lay to discourage digging but I am worried these measures aren’t enough.
B) Should we change any of our regimen with him since he is basically alone out there, aside from the chickens? He is too young to let him roam free outside; we are just starting out so we don’t have an older dog or many other animals like many training info sites assume.
For context, we have 14 acres with most of it with horse fencing, close neighbors, and the barn is about a football field length behind the house and it is older, so we do get pests breaking in like skunks, etc. Any info/advice is much appreciated!
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