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We are starting to have a lot of fun on this board and getting to know each other thanks to the net. I was thinking that someway we could find a central location to have a mass get together with as many people on this board as possible. I would love to shake the hands of you guys and huge the you girls. ( I'm a hugger with the ladies ) Anyone have any ideas?

Just throwing it out there for discussion. Kind of like a class reunion.
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There's nothing more central than Missouri, right Bob? 8) Though I do miss the south...I grew up in Virginia and Georgia.
How about Orlando? :lol: Can anyone say "Mickey Mouse Bite Suit"?????
Andres Martin said:
How about Guatemala.
Second that.

Midwest seems to make a lot of sense. Is there some kind of bigger dog event happening sometime that we'd all have mutual interest in?

You'll know me by the WDF tshirt I'll be wearing...waitaminute....Mike? :wink:
Well...the Association of Pet Dog Trainers are having their yearly meeting in Kansas City in September, but not sure how much ya'll would be into it. Patricia McConnell, Ian Dunbar, and Karen Pryor are some of the big speakers. I was thinking about going for a day or so anyways since it's only a 2 hour drive for me.
Actually, throwing Al Reanto, Andres, and our Dutch/Nordic members in...and Mr. Geel in South Africa...we probably better shoot for either Bermuda or Pakistan.
Maren Bell said:
There's nothing more central than Missouri, right Bob? 8) Though I do miss the south...I grew up in Virginia and Georgia.
Well, about Missouri.............. the reason Bob isn't replying is: the storms have knocked out their power, and it's the fifth day! :eek: :eek:
Elly Elsenaar said:
What about the Netherlands???????
Fine with me! I love the Netherlands. Selena and the rest of you have to sell us pups if we are in the country, right??? :lol:

But Jerry, lemme throw out something to you. I have to admit you got me thinking...

We have a good a social mix of experts and "responsible" newbs here (and me). Why not have our own dog convention? Here's a few ideas...

1. Target mid-October in Minneapolis. Picking Minneapolis because it will be awesome that time of year and we can be almost certain that weather wouldn't affect dogs. Lots of land, lots of local clubs with indoor/outdoor facilities. Most importantly, it's a NWA hub (Andres and Al Reanto, cheap flights, seriously) so there are lots of direct flights and lots for spouses/partners/kids to do if you bring them. Mall of America (no tax on clothes), casinos, some of the best restaurants and shopping in the nation, and the best parks and lakes in the nation.

2. Have a day or two of structured stuff where people from various disciplines (Mondio, ASR, Sch, SAR, PSD, MWD) strut their stuff for the group at large. Make it fun and conversational and instructive.

3. Have some "open" class competitions around obedience, protection, tracking, etc. geared towards the individual dog's abilities and training and judged by the group on "style" and conformation to sport/working rules and expectations. This would allow for a lot of flash in mixed dog types.

4. It would be nice to have a public demo of the dogs and skills. I think it's important that you all show people the quality of the dogs you have and the discipline they have. There is a wonderful place in Mpls where the Minnehaha Creek empties into the Mississippi by way of a 50-ft waterfall. Lots of covered picnic tables, lots of land which then Parks board would rent (I think?).

5. Get some local clubs and kennels involved (Minnesota Valley Schutzhund Verein, Leerburg, Red Star Kennels). Red Star in particular is supposed to have some very impressive Presas they can demonstrate. Might even consider having a "closed" session for local folks with interests...we can charge admission to recoup costs.

6. Cater in some group dinners, have fun, have some awards and some joke stuff.

7. Get some late-night Hold'Em games started early.

8. Could invite in a speaker...I think most of you think a lot of Mike Ellis? Ivan Balabanov? Armin and Doug (Doug is right, Der Schutzhund is a fantastic book, Armin translated it)? I don't know.

And about anything else you can think of...

I'm a bit biased on Mpls but I can't stress what a great place it is...schedule in a few days before or after to explore, go up North and hit the Boundary Waters, or we can charter some walleye launches up in Mille Lacs, etc. It's just a blast.

But something like this would be a lot of fun. I'm with you, Jerry, my second-favorite part of dog stuff is the people here and elsewhere I get to interact with. It would be a blast to have a structured thing around our own interests which didn't exclude any forum interests. (No dog dancing.)

So, these are just ideas, feel free to ignore them, but at the end of the day...I'd love to host something like this and have vacation time to burn. We probably should get T-shirts first. :lol:

No harm done if this is lame, just got to thinking about it this afternoon and realized that we didn't need some other event or speaker to localize a place.
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Good idea, but unlikely. Not in the near future anyway, I see this maybe a few years off when we have 1000 active members or something, because realistically speaking I don't know what type of participation we'd have.
And you can kennel dogs with me as long as my 3-year-old can ride them. :twisted: I look for ways to freak out the neighbors.

But a nice "public walk" of a few dozen dogs from this forum at one of our Chain of Lakes (urban lakes in Mpls, tons of paths, woods, and shoreline) could do that trick nicely, as well. :twisted:
Elly Elsenaar said:
What about the Netherlands???????
Do you have air conditioning? :lol:
If there's no doggy dancing, I won't come! :lol:

But serially, let's keep it in our minds, maybe for the next dog thing that happens anyway that some of us might attend anyway....?
Maybe y'all should come to the moutnains of Western NC in the fall - there is a slew of us in this general area and it sure it pretty! You might choose to stay :lol: :lol:
I've always dreamt of spending a few weeks or a month in a log cabin somewhere in the mountains :)
Mother hen is a kill joy. You have to think big, bean counter. :wicked: never underestimate the things people will do for dogs...some of them even spend 20+ hours a week on dog forums. :whistle:

North carolina works for me...all of my family (babysitters) are in greensboro-raleigh durham...

Mike, we do have cabins in Minnesota. Just had to say that. Best place on earth to be hungover...very quiet and lots of shade...
I think this is a great idea! Midwest or the Carolinas are good for me. I have family/friends in both places.

Woody - if you could hook us up with some rubble or old buildings to search in MN, we could really have some fun.

I think you'd be surprised at how many people would show up. Heck, it only takes a few people to have a good party :wink: .
Woody Taylor said:
Mother hen is a kill joy. ......
Isn't someone calling you, Woody?
Do you have air conditioning?

We don't need that, except for this summer!!

When it is in the fall you need rainboots!!
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