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First, a general statement about Husky tools: Fine, but don't buy that cheapo Husky electric power washer you've seen at Home Depot. It SUCKS. Electric power washers are not meant to be, and electric power washers manufactured in that hotbed of precision gadgetry--Italy--is just asking for trouble. Bad, bad, bad.

However, I'm quite pleased with Husky HangAlls. You can view them by going to and searching for "Hang-All".

I don't like tying out Annie to trees. Hard on the leash, hard on the tree, hard on Annie because they invariably fall down to ground level and get tangled in her legs.

Here's where the HangAll comes in. It's basically a big strap of Velcro with a carabiner attached. Strap it onto a tree, tightly, at about five feet and viola: a great way to temporarily (temporarily) secure a dog to a tree. Good to up to around 8 or 10 inch diameter trees.

I also use this for impromtu backtie sessions. It's quite stout. You're probably thinking that you have a superior dog that would rip through anything that even resembled Velcro...I challenge you to give them a try. The force from a thrusting dog is applied laterally, the Velcro doesn't budge a bit. If you truly do have a superior dog, BUY TWO OF THEM. Obviously not the kind of thing I'd recommend for defense work, but I work my dog in prey :wink: . I have a bungee with two hardcore stainless links pinched into each end that hooks onto the HangAll. Then I just loop a good leash through that.

Give it a try. They're only about 8 bucks individually at Home Depot, strap it on your favorite tree or your mom--my favorite tree in the world is the Little-Leafed Linden in the backyard, great tree with great coloration and leaf shape--and go. If you hate it, you have a nice storage device for heavier items in your garage. Husky says it's rated to 300 pounds, so there's some reference for you.

Gadget ratings:
Temporary tie-out: :D :D :D :D :D
Permanent tie-out: :D (and you shouldn't do this anyways, right???)
Back-tie anchor: :D :D :D :D (for my weak, weak dog)
Price: :D :D :D :D :D

Have fun! I like 'em.
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