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Woody Taylor said:
Okay, so Annie has turned into a complete tramp. She's a jumpy, nervy mess and her energy seems to have gone through the roof...we did miles of walking today and a good 30-45 minutes of water retrieving and some other stuff and she was still just edgy, pulling on lead, and seemed just nervous. Whiny. Had good control around dogs we might have passed but would just get agitated when we were following dogs or if I tied her out to a tree or something for a few minutes. She's dead quiet and napping in her kennel right now.

I also noticed that when I did let her loose (on lead but not at my side) she would do a very frenetic side-to-side tracking movement that would culminate in her marking every 15-20 minutes.

Does this sound normal? I'd just supposed she was marking territory to let the boys know she was a cheap date. Thought I'd ask. Her spotting seems to be slowing down and she's not had accidents in crate or in the house, nor is she asking to go outside at all. She has begun a LOT of swimming lately, I dont' know if that's advisable in her first heat or not...
The frequent urination also has to do with the increased lining of the uterus. It's heavier than normal right now and pressing down on her bladder (just like it does with female humans in early pregnancy and some women describe frequent urination as a PMS symptom -- all has to do with the weight of the uterine lining).

The nervousness and anxiety you're seeing is horomonal, probably due to increased progesterone. It's known to make humans a little jumpy, too, and cause mood swings, sometimes increased rage or even anxiety attacks.

I admit I know dont' know that much about dog reproductive anatomy, but in human females the labia keep water from flowing into the vagina, and lactobacillus keep harmful bacteria from incubating in the vagina and uterus. It's probably a good idea to keep out of water just in case, but I wouldn't freak out if you've let her do it already. The female body has several lines of defence against infection.
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