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Welcome to!

Here are some basic forum rules that all posters must abide by:

1. All users must USE THEIR REAL NAMES, no aliases!
2. All users must be courteous and truthful to others, personal attacks are not tollerated.
3. If you do not have the experience to back up the answer to a question, you probably shouldn't give an answer to the question! It is understandable that there are exceptions to this rule, such as situations where common sense, hearsay or an opinion would be appropriate.
4. Photos ARE ALLOWED in threads! However, please don't abuse this, don't clutter the threads up with photos of your dog :D
5. Keep your signatures short and sweet, use the Avatar function if you want to put a photo of you or your dog beside your name. You can upload an avatar (80x80 pixels) in the \"Profile\" section after you have signed into the forum.


This forum is designed as an open discussion board, open to differing ideas and opinions on different subject matters. However, this doesn't mean you can post any stupid, useless, dangerous or misleading information! If you disagree with someone because you feel the information they are offering is entirely wrong and/or dangerous advice, then contact a Moderator or the Admin -- if you find that it is a personal difference of opinion, leave it alone and move on to the next topic!! A friendly debate is fine, but when it turns into a \"I'm Right and You're Wrong\" argument the forum becomes less enjoyable for everyone. There is a saying... \"Put 2 dog trainers together and the only thing they will agree on is that the 3rd guy is doing it wrong\"... there are going to be times when someone uses a different method to achieve a result, as long as the method isn't abusive or dangerous, there is no point in trying to change someones mind.

With that said, enjoy the forum!
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