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for the dutchie lovers

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Our boys..all cousins (all of them Rocky (grand)sons)

Van Leeuwen´s Robbie (3 jr)

Van Leeuwen´s Spike (4 jr)

Van Leeuwen´s Wibo (15 mnd)
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The dutch look more like GSDs than the mals, as far as I am concerned. Selena, is it true that dutch dogs, mals and the GSDs have common ancestors even before the formation of the SV and the NPV? Is it still common practice to crossbreed mals with dutchies as I knew them to be in the early days?

Just curious.
Thanks, Selena.

Anyway here are some dutch history that makes valuable reading... of bouvier/early_twentieth_century 2.htm

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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