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It's a good weekend to keep your dogs close. Last year the
local shelter picked up almost a dozen dogs who ran off
when illegal fireworks went off near them. In the next town
over, two were hit by cars when they ran into traffic.

Much better to think about it before it happens ... and then
it won't! :wink:
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I know Cyra is absolutely fascinated by fireworks and tries to pull me to them ... same thing with guns. Had a friend shoot a 9mm and she wanted to bite the barrel.

Had an interesting experience with Grim .. team had a long drive so we met in a parking lot and *carpooled*.. when we got back to shuffle dogs and gears back into our vehicles, some kids in the same parking lot were setting them off. He was quiet and observant untill the fireworks went off, then he started barking at them. Didn't seem scared or startled though.......

But yes, we keep them inside - in SC ANYTHING but M-80s goes so I go to my yard in the am and pick up all the bottle rockets.
Also important to note: If you are going to have to leave your dog alone in the house, PLEASE keep them very securely crated or confined in a windowless room. I worked at a vet ER on last 4th and I couldn't count the dogs that jumped out of windows because of fireworks (fear or wanting to chase the light).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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