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F-scale test

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I scored a 2.533333. I am "a liberal airhead."

Sometimes the truth hurts.
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2.3. So that makes me a bleeding airhead! Then again, I have had only one cup of coffee...

Even so, some of the questions were in such absolutist terms, I felt an automatic repugnance. We should all be on the alert for demagogy; our bias is an exploitable weakness.

For example, I have a personal vendetta against those who prey on children, and wife beaters. In spite of that, personal vendetta has no place in government, and should not be part of public policy. Of course, public policy is shaped by societal norms, which is why demagogy has such a seductive pull.

Then again, and yet, and yet. Yep I scored on the low end of the scale! :lol:
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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