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Ex K9 trainer

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A recent conversation on a totally un related forum unlocked a part of me regarding K9 dogs training and things that happened along the way . I guess I had forgotten the enjoyment of the training and the dedication o the officers I was not officer myself reserve officer had not been invented at the time dept rules prevented me from knowing details of events but as with most buckets they either over flow or leak so I heard a few things I was not supposed to I guess all was related to training and results I trained nearly every day either with my K 9 patrol dog or other dept dogs . Nothing was a 5 minute training session I don’t know how I had time for family I guess because kids were included as part of it . They still remember old dad as a force to be reconed with . Not that I beat up on them or dogs . The officers I worked with were some of the finest people I’ve ever worked with in any industry . I was not even allowed to ride in the car when my dog was out on patrol . All of the dogs were imports all had mile long pedigrees and came from pairs breedings of endless titles.
Briefly each dog received hours of training finishing with certification for either specific duties or patrol dog that could be used for about any thing certifications often had to be shown or repeated at request of legal entities the legal dept visited us often to make sure we were following rules . when a K 9 came out things were very serious I don’t remember ever using them for crowd control They migh be in the back ground at some big events but it was very tightly controlled We never gave public demo with a bite or grip involved. People don’t like this in reality we instead fit obedience things like agility jumps walking on shakey things climbing things Rescues finding things occasionally tracking . Trading was much harder more on trainers and assistants than dogs I don’t recall ever having a dog get hurt . Mine was injured in a Schutzhund trial once . I was trained by a vet hard core trainer if you did something incorrectly with a dog you would pay dearly physically and verbally like military DI . I’ve been released from bondage so I may note some things if interested

thanks all
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After completing basic training for dog handlers, you have to attend a 17-week advanced individual training program. It is designed to teach the handler specific skills related to dog handling and other technical aspects of the job.
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