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First off, I would like to thank everyone for their participation on this board, we've hit an extraordinary amount of posts in a very short time and new members joining daily.

Now, I appreciate that there is a novelty to this being a new forum, and I understand that a good number of you are here partly because of irritation with other forums on the internet, and there is a certain novelty to everything here being new and, for the most part, unmoderated. There is no hand of god that will crack down on you for expressing your opinions, but at the same time I'd like to control the direction the board takes.

The goal for this board is, specifically, to discuss working dogs, training methods, training ideas, and to make some new friends. But above all, it's working dog training discussion, not a playground. There is a General Discussion section on the board intended for people to have a social outlet, please limit personal posts and comments to the General Discussion area, and only post in other sections of the forum if you have something valid to contribute to a posters question! Exercise some restraint, we're not competing to see who can get the highest post count here, just because there is a topic doesn't mean you have to reply to it :D :D

There is a Photo Gallery for you guys to share personal photos of you and your dogs -- photos are permitted elsewhere on the board if they are relevent to the discussion. This means that you don't go posting pictures of fluffy stealing a steak off the kitchen counter in a topic asking about HD :p

Like I said, I appreciate that there is a certain novelty to this new board, but I would like to see it guided into the right direction, I want this board to become a resource where people can actually learn something. Hopefully as time progresses everything will settle down into it's place with some knowledgable and experienced folks participating on a regular basis.

On a related note -- this board was not intended to be a replacement for any other board, and from now on any negative comments relating to any other board will not be tollerated. I hope everyone has gotten their disgruntlement out of their system now :D
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Well Said Mike

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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