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Edits not posting

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I keep editing my post in the fearful Dobe thread, and they're not showing up. I added a pertinent link, and I can't seem to submit it. Is it just slow or not working at all? :?
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Ok, nevermind. It worked the 3rd time. :?: :oops:
There's a table in the SQL database that runs full every week or so, well, not full, but the larger it gets the slower things like Edits become, and affects browsing and posting times too. The table in the database is useless because I've disabled the searching features on this site because they were making the forum way too slow and unusable, but I can't figure out how to stop the damn thing from writing to this table in the database, so everytime I notice the forum running a little sluggishly I go and clear out that database table. It was 109mb n I just cleared it out, so edits should be OK again until it runs large next week :lol: I try to remember to check it often.

(Whatever you just said..... :lol: )

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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