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Doing what it was bred to do.

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Maybe not politically correct, but this is what terrier heart/gameness/fightdrive is all about.
the BT just ran around having fun till the bull put the matador on the ground.
Those here who are intelligent enough to speak two languages, "What the he(( are they saying"? :oops: :oops: :lol:
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Had to bump thats a GAME DOG!
Haz, Not a game dog. A lot of heart yes, but gameness no. You see the dog was running around in the beginning like a cur. Nice dog though. My bull got loose last month on neighbors heavily wooded property. After 2 hours of chasing the summabitch, I had to enlist my malinois TJ. We found the bull down creek, i released the beast and he hit the bull square in the nose, and got tossed 10 ft in the air. He hit the ground hard, and went in for round2. 5seconds and tossed again. Bull decided to run back home, with TJ on his heels. Got bull home, patched fence up, and gave TJ a steak sandwich(bologne).

He is, doing what he bred to Doing what his master says..yes.
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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