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Doing what it was bred to do.

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Maybe not politically correct, but this is what terrier heart/gameness/fightdrive is all about.
the BT just ran around having fun till the bull put the matador on the ground.
Those here who are intelligent enough to speak two languages, "What the he(( are they saying"? :oops: :oops: :lol:
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Ditto on the bull fighting and bull baiting. There was just a side of me that really apprieciates what heart a dog can have when I saw that video.
What I really find enjoyable are the videos that show the Matador getting the bull's horn ran up his.......errr...back pocket.
This is not a bull baiting or fight. From what I can make out from the presenter, this is an old traditional thing where guys screw with the bull to show courage. The dog is a stray that happened to show up.

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That was my original thought when I posted it. It's more like an open street or town square then anything like a gage or pit. the dog was doing nothing more then running around being a PIA till the man went down.
I've hunted many critters with my earth dogs. Putting them in a pen or cage with another animal is something altogether different. I retired a couple of dogs before I finally got one that bayed the quarry iin the ground. I say no point in my dogs or the quarry getting trashed. NONE of my hunting partners were into seeing something get tore up. When the farmers wanted them gone we dug to the dogs and shot the critter.
I don't like the actual bull fighting or bull baiting either but I still wont force my beliefs and traditions on a culture I know nothing about.
We were all raised with different values and I look at it as pure arrogance to tell some one from a different culture that they are wrong as long as it doesn't hurt me or my family and friends.
Personally I think if we were all alike the world would be pretty damn boring.
"When in Rome"........
1 - 4 of 52 Posts
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