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Doing what it was bred to do.

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Maybe not politically correct, but this is what terrier heart/gameness/fightdrive is all about.
the BT just ran around having fun till the bull put the matador on the ground.
Those here who are intelligent enough to speak two languages, "What the he(( are they saying"? :oops: :oops: :lol:
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Had to bump thats a GAME DOG!
The video was cool enough it was worth reposting.

I thought a game dog was a dog that liked to fight, gets in the fight and stay in the fight. The dog shows no fear and plenty of willingness to engage. When the bull gores him off the bite he either came back in to engage or dodges. I dont see his running around as an expression of fear merely a strategy to tire the bull before he re engages.

Either way awesome dog that seems to be the real deal. Also, Iv seen a lot of strays but never a pure bred BT.
AR crazies dont care if its bull fighting or dog sport. Its all the same to them, so I just cant give these organizations the time of day.

I also question the global warming claim made in that article, as that is most defintiely not a settled science.
1 - 3 of 52 Posts
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