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Doing what it was bred to do.

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Maybe not politically correct, but this is what terrier heart/gameness/fightdrive is all about.
the BT just ran around having fun till the bull put the matador on the ground.
Those here who are intelligent enough to speak two languages, "What the he(( are they saying"? :oops: :oops: :lol:
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i don't understand the knock against the Bull Terrier's gameness, because i always thought gameness was the willingness to engage in a fight and keep fighting, in spite of injury, exhaustion, reason, self-preservation, etc. i thought the dog did an outstanding job of taking his knocks and coming back for more, and whomever he belongs to ought to be pretty frickin' proud of him.
this video aside, i only like bull fights when the Matador gets himself skewered, because that's what he deserves. this blunt animal is bled with little spears and then bled some more with those short decorated spears they bury in his shoulders so he can no longer raise his head and he's hurting and he's angry and tired and here's this arrogant postulating jerk who twirls him around until the sword is sunk in. sometimes they kill the bull with a proper thrust lined up to get to the heart, but they also screw it up a lot and so it takes a couple swords and stabs. also, there is the goring of horses going on from time to time before the matador gets his turn in the ring. it's a STUPID past time. there's no way it's got the dignity or street brawler balls of bull riding, either, so while Tiago Fontes may like to attend, what he is watching is a cowardly spectacle. as for his friends who breed these bulls, if they're any good they probably make pretty decent money, but i doubt it comes anywhere near what the stock handlers/purveyors working with the PBR are bringing in. oh, and those bulls live nice long plush blood-letting or skewering allowed. i wouldn't hazard a guess on the intelligence of those who support or engage in bull fighting because even smart people do really stupid things sometimes.
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Ok, Catherine. :)

Meanwhile, look at some of my "coward" friends catching a bull...
yep, those guys should be sterilized so they don't further degrade the gene pool.
how long did they work the bull before the matador needed some foils for his cape work?
would your good pals have fared so well against a fresh bull?
really.truly.not impressed.
I disagree.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its citizens are treated - Tiago Fontes
i don't believe you have the credibility to alter a quotation attributed to Ghandi.
and also, animals and children, being innocent and mostly defenseless, are totally at the mercy of everyone else and that is why their treatment gives you a pretty good litmus test for peripheral humanity.
now it is true, no, i don't know a whole lot about bull fighting other than what Hemingway wrote about it and what we learned in 4-H almost 20 years ago, but it was abominable then and it is still. i HATE it when shady/horriffic/immoral things are done under the protective wing of "culture". like whaling for the Japanese and genital mutilation in numerous places in Africa. part of the culture in Afghanistan brought men so afraid of little girls being educated to burn them in their school.
this is not to imply that the government of the United States of America doesn't do whatever it can get away with, lots of which is pretty evil,too. no. this is to stick to the hope that standards can somehow be dragged kicking and screaming out of the dark ages.
do i know anything first hand about bull fighting? nope, because i would never contribute a solitary cent to such an enterprise. i do love some PBR--the rodeo faction and the beer, equally!
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I will "whatever" the rest of your post simply because I do not care about your feelings on bullfighting, nor do I really care about changing your views. I only commented when you said my "pals" should be "sterilized", because, truth be told, that is way too silly.

As far as my credibility... Let me tell you something:

I never accept things just because they were said by X,Y,Z person. I could care less if Ghandi, Mandela, Mother Teresa, came up with the sentence.

I find the quote ridiculous. That is my personal opinion, whether I have credibility before you or not.

Can you live with the fact that I find Ghandi's quote ridiculous? I mean, am I allowed to find it ridiculous? In a free world, I should be able to say it's ridiculous...whether my statement is ridiculous itself or NOT.

Kindest regards,

actually you did not come up with anything to say that wasn't announcing itself before you bothered...the world is not free, bub, and the status of your statement was never something i had to question. keep your regards and your shabby blood sport entertainment and keep 'em FAAARRRRR away from me and mine, okey dokey?
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