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The hardest thing when teaching stacking, is to get a dog to "free stack". That, obviously, is when a dog will get into a stack without need to be placed or held into the position. I usually stack a dog in more of the working stack, mainly just the right rear leg needs to be moved a little forward. The heel won't touch the ground like a show stack I show below, as well.
This is how I teach stacking.
First, teach the dog what stacking feels like:
Early training at 14 wks:

Adult training at 3 yrs:

Second, teach the dog to stand in place:

Third, give the stack command with dog still on lead, and step back:

Next, give the stack command, then the stand command, with the dog off lead:

And for all of you who want to teach a show stack, simply place the right foot much farther forward so the dog has to stand on it's heel:

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