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So two men are out walking their dogs and decide that they are hungary and want to go into this pub and get some food. The first guy says they wont let us in with the dogs the second guy says it will be fine just do what I do. He puts on dark glasses and lets the dog "lead" him to the pub entrance, the bouncer stops him and says you cant bring a dog in here. The guy tells him that the dog is his seeing eye dog and he is blind, the bouncer says a doberman pinchser? ok I guess we will have to allow it. The second guys comes to the door and the bouncers says no dogs the man says its his service dog and the bouncer says a Chihuahua? The guy prentending to be blind thinks quickly and says what the heck they gave me a Chihuahua!

my father in law told me that and i just had to post it
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