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Do you remember this one Hil?

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On saturdaymorning we always have the house dogs in training, first we drink coffee and talk a little, we started to talk about the forum and Mike's puppy, and suddenly your name shows up, and Joke says he I know Hillary, my dog is coming from her!

The dogs name is Buddy it is a nice dog, she has a lot of training to go, her daughters boyfriend is training the dog, and Joke most of all drink coffee :!:

I thougt I put some pictures on the site so you can see Buddy is doing very wel.

If you looked on the first picture you see Johan as well :!:

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:eek: :eek: ohhhhhhhh \"my\"Buddy wow what a small world omg! Great to see Buddy is doing good.....shes grown a's a pic of Buddy when she was on my site for rehoming

Does Joke still have contact with the ex owner?

By the way if you read this hi Joke :lol: :lol:
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I don't know if she has contact with the first owner, I will ask her when I see her on saturday.

Every saturday they come and train with Buddy, and slowly she makes movements, its a very busy but very friendly
Its so good to hear she is doing well. She was quite young when she was in the rehoming and in the prime of her busy big pup daily activitys :lol: Im sure she will do great. Its so amazing to see those pics...........what a coincidence. So as I always say......the dog world is a small world. Almost everyone knows everybody else :lol: :lol:
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