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Hi everyone! Hope this is okay to post, but I'm working on my thesis for my degree-level course in canine behaviour and am desperately looking for some working dogs to take part in the study. It's aiming to explore whether dogs really do prefer to work for their food when given the choice.

You'll just need two snuffle mats of similar sizes as well as a bowl, feed your dog dry food or something that can go in a snuffle mat, and be able to film your dog eating from them over three days.

The results will hopefully shed some light on your dog's individual preferences as well as help the wider dog community when it comes to enrichment.

If you're up for helping, please fill in this short form: Do dogs living in human homes prefer working for their food?

Everyone who participates will be entered into a prize draw to win a £25 Tug-E-Nuff gift card.

Any questions, do let me know!
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