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Nicole, context yes. I was going for the specific context of follow laser then use nose or bite.

The below stuff is cool pet stuff, just like my cat. not knocking it. Just like my cat, though, they are following and not doing anything else. Although the more I do it with my cat, the quicker he is hunting for his nip when he gets to where I shut the laser off. He is definitely conflicted about which is better, the laser or the nip. I am sure that nip and laser together, laser would win for chasing vs. hunting nip which is undesirable.

I wonder if, since dogs learn better in context, if the laser pointer could be the context to make searching in new areas or with distractions easier. Laser being a cue to "use your nose here" just like a hand presenting or casting the dog or a search command or send out command.

Imagine if you could cast a dog for a track with a laser from cover..... Lots of good applications
Interesting punters were generally not readily available in my era although I had one at my day job for presentations . I can see it for training retrieves like shown . In competitions you really had to toss dumbbell so it did not take strange bounces the dog watched you then watched the object or dumb bell then hadcto tetrieve swiftly and correctly those of us that competed practiced throwing either objects or dumb bells so they landed flat that way you did not set your self up forvthe judge to look at your performance as messed up or confusing forvthe dog . Dogs usually are well focused in training so they can track even erant tosses but the judge while is not supposed to down grade often is influenced You certainly could not use it for a narc search. It was tough enough as it was to follow the legality rules . But I think it has its place . Probably in agility training teaching stops and following hand signals I could see a send out with down using one An innovative idea so I’ll tuck that one in the training book I’ll have to think more about using it .
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