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I have access to an old house this Sunday - one that the fire department is going to burn soon.

I have very limited inside experience - do know we work systematically along the walls in a room then around objects in the room but I also know scent is very very tricky insde as opposed to outside.

Am thinking that hides put out very close to the time we start working the problem is the way to go at this point to minimize scent dispersal (I think there may be a balance because I would also like some problems where the dog has to work out the scent in a building but now think the focus should be realizing that scent can be in a building. Then doing some throws for motivation. Then going back in and setting off smoke bombs just to observe ..... We have done some problems in my garage and house that went just fine but they were *fresh* as well.

Realise the strongest scent may not be at source the way it travels and pools and not sure what to do with an alert that could be plausible - like opposite diagonal corners - I know scent can rise along the wall, travel along the ceiling and drop down but don't have the experience in buildings yet to know how to manage those alerts.

Suggestions? It is a good learning opportunity to take advantage of and I will be using a source on which the dog has been very reliable outside..... Scared of doing too much too soon and confusing the dog.... I have seen greater consisency in the dog getting to source outside than in horse stalls, trailers, etc. where he may alert several feet from source. For those I have been going *good* then taking him in to source.

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In a vacant house you wont have quite as much dispersal of scent as one with a running heating and cooling unit.
Another test would be for you to ask if it possible to leave some "material" in the house before the burn. They may not let you do this because of safty issues in a burned out building but worth asking.
I've worked a couple of burned buildings in real life situations. The fire hoses add another varialbe to scent dispersal. Often times there will be a lot of scent down in the basement, below the victim.
Not sure how little material you can get away with for training and still have something to find.
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