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Dennis T Johnson

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Does anyone know anything about a Dennis Johnson (, formerly (I believe) in the New Bern, NC area and now in Raleigh, NC? He's just started up a new SchH club in my area - Carolina Hundesport Schutzhund Club - and I think I might check it out. Just thought I'd post here first and see if anyone had any reasons why I shouldn't.

PM is fine, of course, if you're more comfortable with that.
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I have talked with Dennis in the past and I think he has competed in the Nationals with Vlacko. It was several years ago when he was "crossing the lines' which he does not do now.

He seemed knowlegable.

I have never met him personally.
Why you shouldn't visit and check him and the club out? Nope, can't think of anything.

Dennis is a nice guy, has competed on the National level in schutzhund, and has some really nice dogs. Go check him out and have fun.
Thanks to both of you! I figured someone on here would have at least heard of him. :)

I Googled him, and I believe you're right, Nancy...Vlacko. And Mike, I was checking out his site...he does have some very nice dogs. I'm hoping he gets back to me soon!
Yes, thank you! :D That's actually what I found first and how I found out about the SchH club.
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