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Day at the River

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Went to a flyball tournament with Cali this weekend, and it happened to be right next to a river. Actually a little inlet on a river with a boat ramp, so nice calm water with a gradual slope out into it, but fairly deep. Nexxus got her first introduction to swimming, chasing Cali around while Cali fetched sticks.

It was also possibly my camera's final hurrah, as after these photos were taken Nexxus raced by, launched up on me, somehow got her head through the camera strap and then raced off with my camera bouncing along behind her through the sand, along the concrete. She was heading for the water (thought this was a GREAT new game) when someone else caught her about a foot away. The camera still works for now, but I can hear things grinding away when the lense comes out, so I'm sure it's got sand all over inside. Plus it nicked the glass lense in a few places, so not sure it's worth shipping off for a cleaning. :-(

Anyway, Nexxus and Cali. Nexxus will be 4 months old on the 15th, Cali is almost 8 years old.

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Looks like a fun time had by all! Too bad about the sand, but least the camera didn't end up in the drink! I brought the digital camera to San Diego when me and DH went on our honeymoon in September and sand somehow got into the camera bag which got into the camera. It doesn't like to focus much any more. I'm in the market for a new one at some point soon anyways.
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