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Curious about Airedales

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I was wondering if anyone has any info on Airedale lines that are bred for hunting or work.NO showlines please!
I saw a nice looking Airedale lately and got the bug!

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I know that Al Govednik (USA judge and TD of a club in Illinois) - has Airedales, or his wife does. They work in Schh and are titled Schh3 (at least one of them is, I think the other is a youngster being worked toward titles). Not sure if Al is on this forum - he might be in which case I'm sure he will respond. Personally I have 0 knowledge about Airedales, except the ones I've known have been sweet-tempered but stubborn (terrier) and cat-killers (terrier) and somewhat dominant by nature (terrier).

Awesome dogs! Being an old terrier guy,I seriously considered getting one.
Ivan Balabanov's book has one on the cover doing a H&B.
There used to be some guy named Henry Johnson down in Tenn, I think.
I met him 15 or so years ago at a working terrier trial. Trouble is, he was a real oldtimer then so I have no idea if he's still around. He raised Airedales for years to do hog work. 'The only reason I didn't go with one of his dogs was because his dogs were to sharp for SAR work.
I'll go through some of mu stuff and see what I can find on him.
In the meantime, try the North American Working Airedale Terrier Association (NAWATA).
Looking through some of my "stuff" I can tell you that Henry Johnson used to (maybe still does) write for 'Full Cry' Magazine.
They have a e-mail contact that may give you some answers about Mr Johnson or other working Airedale breeders.

Thanks for the info.That sounds like what Id be interested in.Ill see what I can find on this guy.

I once bought a female puppy in a kennel in Arkansas; she was shy among people, but at hunting she was a brave lion and very hot at hunting. Try to find them in Tennessee and Arkansas.
What the **** is wrong with you people ? ? ? ?

Don T has Airedales. OUR Don T. Not some who the **** from somewhere. God you guys are weird.

This thread is almost 2 years old....................
All super old threads need to be marked in an "archive" color then.:lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes this is an old thread, but for someone out there sharing Greg's question:
Our own Don Turnipseed, probably breeds one of the tightest lines of working ADTs. He is in California. His dogs have excelled in therapy/service work, schutzhund, hunting both fur and feather as well as making great pets. And he is the breeder of my new pup, now one month old.
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