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Closer Hier on Bring

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How do you guys teach the recall while retrieving the dumbbell so the dog sits really close to you? My boy is always a good half a foot or foot away when sitting.
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How close should they be? Annie knows to "reset" (come closer) when I say "no" and wave her in, but I don't know how close I should be training to...
jay lyda said:
Their nose should be right at your belt buckle (unless you're shorter than at your belly!) Have them come in close enough so that when they sit in front of you their head is forced to look straight up at you.
What do the dudes with "dicdo disease" do? :lol::lol: I've seen a few of them on the field with this horrible affliction.

So Jay and others...does training in this way mess up a dog you might train for protection/police etc. B&H? You definitely don't want the dog to do a B&H that close to somebody that might fight back, right? Just wondering how and if you can really differentiate it.
Jerry Lyda said:
Woody, the recall to a front sit is not the same exercise as the bark and hold. Taught different.
I understand, just wondering if positionally, in sport B&H, dual-purpose (PP/Sch, for example) dogs had to think through things carefully on an engagement on a "real threat." I assumed you taught the two with different commands/in (initially) different drives/in different environments, but curious to hear input.

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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