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Closer Hier on Bring

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How do you guys teach the recall while retrieving the dumbbell so the dog sits really close to you? My boy is always a good half a foot or foot away when sitting.
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leave a tab/short lead on his collar - prong collar or choke depending on what he responds to - as he's coming in to the front (before he settles into a sit completely) take the tab under his chin (you can help him not drop the dumbbell this way too), and gently "pop" the tab, while backing up a step or three - saying "Heir, heir" and encouraging him to come closer, come to a stop just as he's sitting closer to you - then "out" and reward immediately. Repeat, repeat, repeat. While you're doing this, be aware of your body posture, don't lean over him or have your head down so much that you're glaring in his face. Stand up straight (or even tip yourself back a little bit) and use your eyes, not your whole head/shoulders, to look down at him. Smile, encourage him with your body language to come closer.

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