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I wanted to share some pictures of my new working dog Chuck vom Doreneburger Bach. Chuck comes from an awesome working pedigree. He is currently 9 1/2 months old and has excellent food and ball drive. I just picked him up Thursday August 10th from the Cincinnati Airport , and we are still bonding. Chuck has a great tempermeant and very solid nerves. He is suppose to have excellent bitework for a 9 month old dog. I have not gotten to see his bitework yet but that will come when the club meets this weekend. I just want to take it slow and not put much pressure on him. We have just been playing ball, swimming and getting to know the house. I was looking for a young working male because I did not want to raise another puppy. I just raised a German showline male who is 18 months old who did not have the drive for the bitework. I was sure hoping he would turn the corner but it never happened for him. It was more the square peg round hole scenario for my showline male. I also did not want to raise a puppy because I wanted some gurantees and I may have gotten more than I asked for with Chuck. Chuck is very extreme in all drives to be 9 1/2 months. I just love that he likes to work so hard for the prey item. I am very proud to have Chuck at my home and to have a dog with such an awesome pedigree. I must now take this great dog and do great things with him. I have very high expectations for Chuck and I hope Chuck has expects the same of me.

Chuck's father is V Falk von den Wölfen and mother is Biene von Ungalant. Chuck's father has been in the BSP three times and had protection scores of 96, 97 and 99. His mother is very accomplished in the Sport of Schutzhund and see has a great tempermeant.

V Falk von den Wölfen Pedigree
Falk kennel website
Videos of Falk on the Schutzhund Field
Biene von Ungalant Pedigree
Biene von Ungalant Pedigree website

Here are some pictures sets of Chuck coming home from the airport and wanting to play.

Here is a picture of Chuck and me hanging out at the house after a little play session.
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