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David Frost said:
I currently have 3 Chessies as drug dogs. Two males and a female. All are from a local shelter. They were in the shelter because the original owners were "out dogged". They were just too much for them. A firm hand, solid guidance and all three are excellant drug dogs. Often times, the reason these dogs are in shelters is because they exhibit the behaviors we look for, particularly in Labs, Goldens and more specifically, Chessies.

Excellent point, David! I remember you saying that many of the LE dogs you've trained were resuces (or was that someone else?). IME dogs end up in shelters b/c of high drives, high energy, and mouthiness. I steer people who are interested in owning a shepherd toward shelter/rescue all of the time!

In your friend's case, Woody, resuce is a perfect solution b/c the dog will be full grown and there will be little question as to temperment/drives. The rescue will also make sure to match him up with a dog that fits his needs, so there is less likely to be a problem later down the road. Buying a puppy is a crapshoot...we all know that :wink: . And puppies need far more attention, training, and handling than adults. I generally recommend adult dogs to most people for that very reason.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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