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Canine First Aid Kits.....

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I just got finished packing up the truck for the season and had to do pretty much a complete "re-do" of the first aid kit. I do keep a separate kit for dog foot care items as that gets used the most but I have combined the human/dog fa kit so as to only have to carry one kit on the rig/sled and not drag along alot of duplicate items. (People don't generally mind being wrapped up in pink Vetwrap and no one EVER asks to use the thermometre :-&!) I'm just wondering what everyone else considers the essentials for canine first aid items.
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I am going to add a stapler to mine - In the woods it can patch up a big tear until you can get to the vet and I learned how to use one this weekend at a SAR conference.

Superglue for torn pads (You have to pull the wound together and superglue the outside edges.

Thinking of adding an appropriately sized foal tube (plastic tube) for emptying the stomach if we get bloat. The word I got from the ER vet who gave our K9 first aid class was it can be a lifesaver (still would get to vet afterwards) but it will buy you time on the way. She says Gas-x is worthless for a dog if they start to bloat.

Benedryl for snake bites and bee stings at 25mg per lb dose

Ipecac (you CAN stil buy it; they took it off the shelf due to anorexics and it is now a special order item) -I just added it because they are not putting it in kid kids nowadays.

One pint sterile saline for irrigation of wounds or eye damage. Plastic cup to cover a major eye damage.

We usually have some heavy duty stuff at the truck like IV fluids etc. but then one of our team members is a nurse anesthetist.

For the vet wrap you really need to make sure it does not get squashed because once it does it is almost impossible to unroll.

I do not have a tourniquet in my kit.

Duck tape (Duck brand Duct tape) - Cant leave home without it - you can fix your car or make a mean splint with the use of that stuff.
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