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Canine First Aid Kits.....

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I just got finished packing up the truck for the season and had to do pretty much a complete "re-do" of the first aid kit. I do keep a separate kit for dog foot care items as that gets used the most but I have combined the human/dog fa kit so as to only have to carry one kit on the rig/sled and not drag along alot of duplicate items. (People don't generally mind being wrapped up in pink Vetwrap and no one EVER asks to use the thermometre :-&!) I'm just wondering what everyone else considers the essentials for canine first aid items.
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I usually carry 3 FA kits wherever I go. Call me parinoid, but I'd rather be safe(r) than sorry. My first is an infant/small child FA kit that contains syrup of epicac, kid-friendly medicines, etc.. My second is a FA kit like those that you will see paramedics carry (bought it at a hospital supply store w/ my special badge). And my 3rd is my Canine first aid kit. The kit contains:
Cotton gauze bandage wrap, 1" & 2" widths
Vet Wrap, 2" & 4" width
roll cotton batting
First-aid tape
Ace bandage
Eye-rinsing solution
Cotton gauze dressing pads 3" x 3"
Small bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide
Regular & Butterfly Band-Aids
Canine rectal thermometer
Vaseline (for thermometer)
Cotton swabs or Q-Tips
Antibiotic ointment for eyes
Antibiotic ointment for skin
Betadine solution for fresh cuts
Alcohol swabs
buffered aspirin
activated charcoal tabs
Rescue Remedy
Iodine tablets
Ear-cleaning solution
Bar of antibacterial soap
Pepto-Bismol tablets
New-Skin liquid bandage
Gentocin topical spray or a hydrocortisone topical spray
Epsom salts
Needle and thread (and suture)
Safety pins in several sizes
Space blanket
Velcro muzzle
Single-edge Razor blade
Small, blunt-end scissors
moist towelettes (I steal them from Sonny's BBQ. shhh!!)
small hand towels
disposable razors
Instant ice packs (2)
Shoestring or latex tourniquet
Collapsable bowl for water
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I have Tear Mender for torn ears/paw pads. I also do have duct tape and usually have some sort of splint materials (usually scaps brought home by my fiance from his worksites). I've once had to make a stretcher from duct tape and tree limbs. Wish I had a picture of it, but it worked very well!
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