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Canine First Aid Kits.....

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I just got finished packing up the truck for the season and had to do pretty much a complete "re-do" of the first aid kit. I do keep a separate kit for dog foot care items as that gets used the most but I have combined the human/dog fa kit so as to only have to carry one kit on the rig/sled and not drag along alot of duplicate items. (People don't generally mind being wrapped up in pink Vetwrap and no one EVER asks to use the thermometre :-&!) I'm just wondering what everyone else considers the essentials for canine first aid items.
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When I was doing a lot of earth work with my terriers we always kept an IV and ringers solution for skunked dogs.
In the groud, the dog can get such a concentrated hit that it can cause toxic shock and actually kill the dog in a few days after you think all is well.
I've heard of one, above ground **** hound that died from a full face skunk hit. Not very common....BUT!
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