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Can your dog bite like this?

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I wanted to post a picture of our trainers dog Unkas working last Saturday. This dog is something like 13 or 14 times schutzhund III and was in the BSP. He is truly an awesome dog. I took this picture with a nikon d50 and 300mm zoom. Enjoy.

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Nice Pic. Where are you located? And welcome to the board!
could you please give the dog's full name? he looks like he's from similar lines as a dog i knew...
unkas pedigree

I am located in georgetown, ky and our club is the Greater Cincinnati schutzhund club.

Link to Unkas pedigree
ok. not many similarities to the dog i was thinking of. this is the dog i was thinking of:

he was a very successful PSD around here. someone told me that the "painted toe nails" that your dog and this dog have come from the korbelbach lines. my first PSD had them too...
My dog Thunder, carrying that much sought after "painted toenail" gene. :D :wink:

As much as I like the painted toenails on my dog, I've seen it even in show lines. :eek: :eek:
I don't really think is't significant to any lines in particular. :(
Yes, this little girl is 1/2 showline and definately has the toes thing going on, I've heard it called "penciling" too...
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