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Hi, I want to know if an American Bully can do IPO sport work just for fun I want to get a (standard 60 to 70 pounds) (XL 80 to 100 pounds) or (pocket 20 to 40 pounds) American Bully puppy and take him to a club and do IPO if you don't know what the American Bully is its a new breed of dog recognized by the UKC they were bred to a companion dog that looks like the American Pitbull Terrier but doesn't have the animal aggression like the American Pit Bull Terrier and their temperament they act like labs they like meeting people they don't act like guardian breeds like German Shepherd, Malinois, or Rotties. I'm new to the sport of Schutzhund and want to start with an American bully I'll show pictures of what the breed looks like down below. p.s. these are American bullies, not American Bulldogs, not American Pit Bull terriers, not American Staffordshire Terriers they are completely different breeds.
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