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Breda FCI

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When Jerry posted the results for FCI Breda 2006 championships I was looking at which dog scored the highest this year and looked up the kennel that malinois came from, I thought this video on their site was pretty cool, even my non-dog friends enjoyed watching it, it's 27mb so I hope you have cable/DSL ;)
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if the dog bites the guys leg when he pulls that sleeve through the leg crap does the dog lose points?
I can't see the helper pulling the sleeve through his leg. What I do see though, is very agile helper work. The helper changes foot placement, and has the right foot forward; he has already seen the dog will come in a bit left of center of mass. His weight is on his right leg, which allows his left to come up easily, and he safely absorbs the dog's impact. It's quite hard to absorb a dog that comes in left of center of mass, with a left sleeve on, when the dog comes in low"ish" and very fast...and make it look good. He got his left leg out of the dog's way in a hurry.

The first helper, in contrast, is a HARD helper. He does not get out of the way.
My money is on that the dog goes LOW. You can't be doing a bunch of spinning with a low entry, center of mass dog...besides the fact that there is always a little nagging feeling :evil: that the dog coming at you like that, would just as well take your knee out...

I have more than a few "scratches" to back up the idea that some of these European "sport" dogs are quite willing to bite you on the leg, and will...if you don't FEED them the sleeve. Once on the sleeve they're stable on it.

I would also bet that that dog bites legs on suited decoys just as well as arms...

It would be interesting to email the owner and ask...
As I burn the midnight oil on a Friday, Tim, I have to say this: I respect you and like your style...BUT YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!


Have a great weekend. I'm decoying between 15 and 20 dogs tomorrow.
I've always had back problems need to do a bunch of lower-intensity, lower-back exercises... :p :p :p

In a couple of months you'll be a lot stronger!
...When a river makes noise, it's because it's carrying stones.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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