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Breda FCI

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When Jerry posted the results for FCI Breda 2006 championships I was looking at which dog scored the highest this year and looked up the kennel that malinois came from, I thought this video on their site was pretty cool, even my non-dog friends enjoyed watching it, it's 27mb so I hope you have cable/DSL ;)
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1. Don't know (shoot, could have used 10 bucks)
2. No points lost when you tell your dog to Aus (unless he/she doesn't)
3. No leg bites in sch!!! :lol:
I agree, it hardly seems fair. I guess I was trying to say no self respecting sch dog would bite anything but a sleeve (tongue in cheek remark)! Nice courage test! I can't get it to play the music. I have DSL, & have tried turning my computer on & off a few times.....oh well, nice video to watch.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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