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Breda FCI

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When Jerry posted the results for FCI Breda 2006 championships I was looking at which dog scored the highest this year and looked up the kennel that malinois came from, I thought this video on their site was pretty cool, even my non-dog friends enjoyed watching it, it's 27mb so I hope you have cable/DSL ;)
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Andres Martin said:
It's quite hard to absorb a dog that comes in left of center of mass, with a left sleeve on
I HATE DOGS THAT DO THAT! They are difficult to decoy for, not only is it harder to swing that direction, which I can do, but it's very unnerving seeing a dog who looks like he's gonna run past you and tag your ass, then try n catch em at a good angle while absorbing the impact at the same time.

Thanks Andres for explaining what the decoy was doing, I was gonna leave it alone, I know alotta people hate Schutzhund, but that's not easy to do. Sleeving is a skill in its own and some dogs are really annoying to catch :lol:
Andres Martin said:
Have a great weekend. I'm decoying between 15 and 20 dogs tomorrow.
My back hurts after decoying 5-10 dogs... I've always had back problems, why do I keep picking the hobbies and sports that kill it even more? :lol:
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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