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I already had to call my breeder and tell her this, so I'll share with the rest of you guys! We went to the USA Mid-Central Regional trials and conformation show Saturday and Sunday. We were going to enter Brago and Bronwyn both in the conf. show just for fun, but for conformation they had to be tatooed instead of just micro-chipped. We had them tatooed, but by the time we got done the entries were closed.
I was sitting with Bronwyn about ten feet from where the judge (SVF Daniel Thibaut) was sitting. She posed herself in a perfect stack watching some other dogs. I noticed him looking her over, then starting to talk about her, so I actively eavesdropped. All I could really hear for sure was, "color is most outstanding!"
Later at the lunch break, I was talking to the woman who had done our tatoos (who was sitting in the judges' tent in the ring and taking notes for him). She said, "it's too bad you didn't get her in in time." I told her what I had overheard and she said, "Well that's not all he said about her. He was going on and on about her color, her feminine head, her depth of chest and her angulation; if she'd been in there, she would have been VP1."
So it's nice to know he liked her so well! Next show she won't have "the green ear", and we'll get her entered in time.

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