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Blitz Rocks

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These are photos I took 2 weeks ago of Anne Jones' dog Blitz. He ROCKS! The decoy is Mike Kitchen. He's pretty good too. I'm not the best photographer, but I think you get the idea...

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Hey, Konnie, thanks for posting the pics. Blitz & Mike look pretty good duking it out together !! Blitz wants to put a big hurt on him & he means it for REAL . :lol:
Those are great! I think Mike Kitchen actually registered on this forum a few months ago.
Woody Taylor said:
Those are great! I think Mike Kitchen actually registered on this forum a few months ago.
AHA! Thank you, Woody. It's been driving me crazy, thinking "Where have I seen that name recently?"
Mike is a good decoy. I know him from the ASR trials. He's really a nice guy too. Alright Mike if you are a member jump in here sometime. He's worked with Bentley a time or two. :D :D

Thanks to all for the nice comments on my dog. He is a great dog & I really love him. Yes, Mike is a great ASR decoy. He was down in Florida decoying at the ASR trial at the end of April, I think it was. He a great guy & allot of fun to work with. Will & Ken really want him to move to Florida, but we won't allow it !!! :lol: Al, Konnie & I have been working with him for only a about 5 sessions now & what a change in all our dogs. We have now formed a training group & meet weekly weather & all permitting. He has really brought out the fight drive in my dog in really only 1 or 2 sessions. The decoy that I was using (but only a couple of times )with Blitz before Mike, I think was a bit afraid of him & was very carefull what he did with him. I don't think that he has the expertise or nerve that Mike has & was a bit wary that he would get the dog too worked up & not be able to handle what came back at him. After one session in a bite suit with the dog, he didn't want to work him with only a sleeve again only a suit. He is a far more serious dog than he was used to working- I think mostly just SchH/ sport dogs, although I feel that he is great in helping lay a good foundation in bitework on a young dog. He did great by my female. Blitz was a real sleeper. He was thought to make a high competition SchH dog & can....but has soooo very much more to give than that in him. He is training for ASR & as a PPD. ( & possibly SchH, which is almost a waste with him) He has rock solid nerves, is totally stable, is aloof to stragers, but very watchfull of them, safe in public, is high drive, will engage anyone, anywhere,(moving or not) has a full very hard bite, is very territorially aggressive & is very biddable & handler sensitive (which makes him a dream to work) & is very easy to live with.(in the house) But he is also totally able to handle anything that Mike can think to throw at him or no matter what kind of pressure he puts on him(even gunfire coming in for the bite & while on the bite) he is in there for the duration of the fight & doesn't plan on loosing. He is going to work out to be a great PPD. I only wish my female (that is exteme in all drives & ways) was 1/2 as easy to work & live with. She has also come a long way in only a short time working with Mike. In reference to his not posting ...He is working all the time & most likely doesn't have allot of time to post or even get much chance to visit the site these days.
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QUOTE ANNE: "He a great guy & allot of fun to work with. Will & Ken really want him to move to Florida, but we won't allow it !!! END QUOTE

...which is why anybody living in CT or nearby who needs a dog trained (for sport, PPD, PSD or whatever) needs to call Mike ASAP. We need to show him that there's a ton of work up here in CT. We wouldn't give him up to Will and Ken without a fight :wink:
To add to what Konnie said......Mike lives up in the Hartford, CT area so therefor is close to the MA & RI boarders, in case there is anyone in those areas interested in training. Our training group is also open to the possibility of new members. We usually train on Saturdays starting around 9am & train most of the day depending on the weather. We have the availibility of fields to track in & a field to do obedience & protection work & also woodlands to do woodland searches & woodland protection scenarieos. If you know anyone that is interested in training with a great decoy pass this information on. You can PM Konnie or me for Mike's telephone number if you are interested in contacting him. Happy training !!!! :D :D
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