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My name is Gregg Tawney and I have been training dogs for about 15 years. I am in law enforcement and have handled two street dogs for patrol and narcotics. I am currently the K-9 trainer for five law enforcement agencies in Northern California. My wife and I are also the trainers for our PSA club.

We own four dogs. Rowdy (black mal) that I got from Roel and Sandra in Swifterbant. She is out of Sandra's dog, Rocco (ph1). Benta (Dutch Shepherd) is out of Dana Vom Kelterhof (Sch 3) and Leiru (FR 3). Dana is a daughter of Arras Pegge. Our other two are also Dutchies (Remi and Shelby). They are all in training for PSA. Shelby is also in training for bomb detection.

You can see our pooches at

Tim - \"Thanks for the invite\".

Selena - \"It was a pleasure meeting you and Dick in September. I enjoyed watching your training\"

I am looking forward to reading different perspectives on dog training.


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Again welcome Gregg.

I take a look on your site so now and than to follow Rowdy :wink:

Training is a bit diffrent I guess :wink: Once i´ve the time and the money I take a tour USA to diffrent type of sport :lol:

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Hey Gregg (Watch for my PM),

With all that experience under your belt (and I can tell you've got that
\"a Leader is always Learning\" mentality :lol: ), I'm sure you're going to add a
great \"focus\" to this forum - NOT that we lack focus here, it's just that you
can't have enough of it!
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