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These pics are of Carbon at 5-6 and then 8 weeks of age. Ok, so I had to throw in a few of my son... Sorry, these pics are kind of big...

Beautiful Eyes! (5-6 wks)

"OOOO! SHOELACES!!" (5-6 wks)

Too Cute! (5-6 wks)

Shane (8mons) & Carbon (8 wks)

Carbon (8 wks)

Carbon (8 wks)

Shane (w/my hat)
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OMG I'm not sure which one is cuter: puppy or your little boy! I just love Shane's eyes!!!

Ya'll have to stop sharing puppy pics. It makes me want another puppy.

You also have to stop sharing baby pics. It makes me want another baby.

Hubby says NO on both counts :( .

You have two adorable youngsters there Sara!
The play-bow one is really good. I have tried to get that picture on so many pups. Never can figure them new fangled things. Gotta press a button or something, yeah???

Cool pics! Love the puppy and Shane is kickiing in my granpa hug reflex!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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