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Hi Susan.
I don't know why her feet are white, lol. I have seen white feet once in a strong working litter, just the one pup. He was bred from mostly Netherland, IPO lines on the Dam's side, Anni Brookswood 1 (A Baden Dog) , but on the pups sire's side was much weaker, some Appleridge and some Sch Show lines. Don't know why that one male pup got white feet?????

Bella's white feet, who know's. She is from almost all Sch. 3, Show line dogs, Only one way back dog has IPO in the lines. The main lines are Larus von Batu, Betty vom Huhnegrab on sire's side and Natz van de Herdersfarm and Yasmin van Contra on Dam's Side.
I am praying those white feet turn at least light tan, :roll:
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