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Balabanov vs Ellis DVD's

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What do you prefer
Ivan Balabanov Video Series "Obedience with out Conflict" from Canine Training Systems

or the Michael Ellis series available from Leerburg

I don't know why I'm not asked for poll questions?
Lets keep it simple. One reply per poster please. Which do you prefer and why

My vote is ME. More user friendly, clearer explanations, more examples/demos
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Good question! Never gave it much thought :lol:
no contest - Lady Gaga gets my vote.
I almost spewed my drink everywhere laughing dude that is funny stuff man!
That is funny cause i picture Thomas putting on lipstick and shining his boots while he makes a hitlist based on opinions here!
He's the number one fan
blahahahahahahahahahaha - President of the fan club!

Aren't Ellis and Balabanov part of this forum? Ask them which one they like :D
That woman fell out of the ugly tree and hit every brach on the way down! I don't care who you are she is just odd and ugly :-o
She is not famous cause of her looks, it's her talent as a music artist, sheesh.
She is not famous cause of her looks, it's her talent as a music artist, sheesh.
Dude thanks for setting me straight :p

Maybe they could use her music for the videos!
wonder if they will start a bidding war.

This all seems so wrong somehow???
Dude your killing me! So since we have hijacked Thomas Thread who is your vote for?
hahahahahahha blahahahahhahahaha hahahahahahah blahahahhaha! I better stop before I get in trouble and piss Thomas off!
Thomas sorry about the derailment, will cast my vote once i seen the latest vid.
I'm a SCH guy so my vote is with Ivan - sorry Thomas just having fun man.
Shane, who do you think Thomas will vote for? wild guess at it.
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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