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Hi everyone,
I registered last year but life has necessitated by taking care of other business for the past months.
Don't have pics to send yet.
We have two beautiful German Shepherd males, Rufus is almost two years old. Shadow is 18 months now. Rufus is solid black, looks like a "little" bear, Shadow is a striking black sable. They are working dog lines.
We have been training and have come a long way. They both were never well socialized to people (that's a long story) and we live on a farm in Tennessee and are rather isolated (just hubby and I), family comes to visit rarely, so they don't get steady contact with people. Our major problem is the lack of socialization. They are both very protective of us and their territory and I'm not sure we will ever be able to have them loose in the yard or in the house with visitors.
We have worked with a trainer, are using e-collars for obedience training, and they do wonderfully well with both of us. They have a kennel they stay in only a few hours per day when I am at work, otherwise they are with us either outside or in the house. They sleep in the house unless we have visitors.
I am looking forward to any and all information you can provide me with as to how best to proceed.
Both dogs have Farmenblick in their pedigrees but I'm having trouble finding our much about this line. The breeder indicated that they will be "vigilent", a person who bought several others dogs from this breeder describes Farmenblick dogs as "the Rolls Royce of GSD's", but otherwise I can't find any clear information.
anyway, that's the short version. Look forward to being involved in this forum.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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